Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Last year I noticed that some of my artist friends chose a word for the New Year.   A word that would exemplify their feelings or goals for that Year.

What would my word be and how the hell would I ever choose one little word to encompass all the hopes and dreams of a new year?  As David Lindley sings in his classic song, "Ain't no way, baby." 

Then my sleek row boat arrived and suddenly there it was, challenge, and because Italian is such a beautiful language the translation was the perfect word.   It also means to dare, defy and to be brave.  These are all things I want more of in my life.

I felt like it was time to challenge myself in some small way.   And yes, the boat is a major challenge for me but it thrills me at the same time.

I can think of a lot of other things I want to do, but right now I've only got the energy to get myself home.

How sweet that will be.

This trip ends with so many positive things.   GBella is happy and smiling, walking a few steps and getting stronger every day.  She's completely different than she was just a week ago, it's amazing.

Both of my kids are moving this week so I've been packing my daughter's house and helped my son move one afternoon too.

I'm so tired.

On Friday morning I'll be looking out at the forest from my kitchen sink, tired but happy down to my toes knowing I did everything I could and it helped.

I need to hammer some metal and head to the Range and shoot holes in things and I need to see my funny friends and laugh out loud while drinking a really good beer.

And I need a hug or three and the smell of mountain air and a few kisses from my furry boys.



  1. S, I like your word for the new year. Haven't come up with one of my own. Will have to think about it.
    Glad to see the little one is getting better and that you got back home again safely.
    We came home to broken branches, broken's a mess. Also came home with our very own colds, courtesy of who knows whom while we were traveling. At least it's not the flu.
    Hope to see what we can do about syncing up our travels this year.

  2. Susan,
    Oh no, germs, the gift that keeps on giving. I actually came home exhausted but not sick so things are feeling GOOD! Yes, she's looking and acting so happy and she's so cute.

    Sorry you have clean-up, that's not fun, especially if you lose a tree you really like.

    We WILL figure out how to get together eventually.