Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nerdy fun

Oh my, this website building is so much fun!

I dreaded wading into this do-it-myself world, thinking all the while that I'd get frustrated and ultimately give up. I admit that I had to push myself quite a bit, figuring out how to link domains and credit card companies wasn't that easy but evidently not that hard either because I did it.

But now I realize that's what I did with my last site, I gave up and avoided it as much as possible. It was lovely but sometimes you don't know what you want, so how can you ask for it?  My method of learning and creating is to take things one step at a time, fix this, tweak that, maybe go back and re-do something.  This is guaranteed to make other people crazy so it really is best that I do it myself.

Evolve, that's a good word.  I've used it before but I like what it represents and it syncs nicely with my word for the year, Sfidare, challenge and therefore evolve, it's good.

And now I'm spending happy hours trying new things and finding new ways to do things I've done for years and I'm so damned happy doing it.

I'm also grateful to all the fine minds who have created this platform that can evolve so beautifully.

My current and forever challenge is to photograph my jewelry. That too is evolving little by little, as I find ways to capture the luminescence of enamel on fine silver.


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