Friday, May 24, 2013


Today I'm thinking about the people in my life.

The ones who hit hard and in the merging left little parts of themselves and took little parts of me.

Men and women, very few, they can still make me cry but not from pain or sadness.   They filled my well with cool, clear water and can again make it overflow, washing away the everyday dirt, leaving clarity and joy behind.

When I hear from them the time apart just disappears and we are again having coffee on the patio or scenting the cool ocean breeze, agonizing over costume colors, steaming up the truck windows, shivering in an ice rink, laughing, crying, so much love, so much.

Now, here in my happy place, I realize that I can imagine you here, that I've created a setting that you would know and love, one that would embrace you as I do.



  1. S.

    Pensive, Excellent “P” Word

    You are worthy of the attention/concern. I have nothing but fond………GREAT memories of spending time with you. It’s the memories that had me seek you out and see how you were coming along in life. I wanted to remain mute but couldn’t. I can’t believe you figured me out. When you first showed the pictures of your house I knew it was you, it speaks to who you are. It has continued happiness written all over it.

    Right now I’m musing about having a good conversation as well as an equally good glass of wine with you. A warmth and smile just came over me and my mind is at ease.

    Peace Suz,


  2. L.

    I'm knocked out, left me clues here and there. I would wonder if it was you and then think no but once I started reading your entries and being able to "see" you say those things it all came together. I didn't dare to hope.

    I like your musing, name the day and place. You can also contact me privately via the about me section on the blog. I will do whatever makes you happy, losing you twice would be too hard to bear.