Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Toes

I know she's thinking, "Quit giving me shit about not talking, crawling or can't do this.

She's right, I can't get my toes in my mouth anymore.

Right now I will bet there are people reading this wondering how close they can get their toes to their mouth. Go ahead, I'll wait....

Good for you if you even tried.

I'm in a quirky mood, tired because she's not in a great sleeping mood right now, but we laughed so much today.  We were here -
 lounging around after a two mile walk.  She was rolling back and forth, sucking on a cold ring we bought (yikes, teething?) and babbling away at us lesser mortals.

It was joyful and something I will never forget.  One of those moments you will hold forever.

I've been thinking about those moments.  The times and the people we hold forever in our hearts and minds. I found one of those people recently, or rather he found me.  We have a history characterized by insanely beautiful highs and brutally devastating lows.  We hope that age and experience will allow us to merge those extremes and produce a calm sense of serenity for our future together.

Together we share enough brain power to run a small electric plant, enough joy in life to share with all of our loved ones and enough love in our hearts to heal even the worst hurts we've caused each other.  This time we know how much we value each other, the rest will be a bit of hard work but not impossible.  I've promised not to take the easy way out.  The reward will be knowing that love has replaced loss and pain.


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