Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Bumpy flight, all the damn way home.  I don't like it much.  I prefer it to be smooth so I can half snooze and listen to music.  I'm surprised at little it really bothers me anymore.  I picture the plane a really big boat skipping over the waves of air and every now and then it hits the wake from another boat and WOO! here we go.  They even had the flight attendants strapped down for a good part of the flight.  It's interesting how one pilot cannot even be bothered and the next is hyper cautious, maybe it's from the reports of other planes.     I've been in chop that bad and they never even turn on the seatbelt signs, strange.

From Phoenix we flew over to Los Angeles and cut right up the central valley.  Having an ocean view for a bit was really very pretty, then it was Bakersfield, Visalia, and other places best seen by air. The big fields look like a crazy patchwork quilt of greens and browns.

Here's what greeted me as I drove up to the cottage.

My rhododendrons are blooming!  The azaleas are all budded, the flowering dogwoods are starting to unfurl and the peonies, which were just starting to pop out of the leaves, are now up to my knees, yikes!  I can't believe how exciting the yard is, lots of pine needles to rake up still, oh well.

The boys were very happy to see me.  My housemate has been taking them running.  I know, just picture the two corgis trotting along if you need a laugh.  She says they do fine, especially Bode with his limitless energy.  Dandy just does it because you want him to, he'd rather play frisbee.

Time for clean up, house, dogs, car and then hopefully back into the studio in a day or so.  I've got ideas galore for enamel pieces and a couple of custom things to get done.

My son will be here for Mother's Day and my daughter and Gdaughter later in May, this is going to be a wonderful couple of months.

Enough for now, got things to do.


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