Thursday, November 15, 2012


Last week I was walking down my quaint little downtown street, window shopping and juggling my cup of hot coffee and my gallery keys, thinking about random stuff.

Boom! Total instant love!  Can you believe how gorgeous this baby is?  The big window, the sexy fenders, the color.

I stopped to snap a picture and then went on into the gallery to turn on lights, unlock doors and fire up the computer.  As I was dragging out the Open sign a man walked across the street from the little diner and hopped in.

Here's the wonderful thing, he drove this beautiful thing into town to meet his buddies for breakfast, which makes it ever so much cooler.  All around I see these fine old trucks still working, still moving people and construction supplies and whatnot.  I've got to love all of them and the people who love them and keep them going.

I would imagine that this man isn't going to trade his wife of 40 years in on a newer, sleeker model.  She may have a few lumps and bumps, some skin with lines and she may start up a bit slowly in the morning.  Her chassis has broadened out with the loads she's carried and her springs are creaky.  He smiles with the memories of her laughing and carrying his children and how her bright blue eyes sparkle just for him.

Peace to you and yours from me and mine.


  1. Good Grief!.....What an auto-softie. That color is 56 Chevy turquoise I believe. Painted my 40 Ford Coupe that color when I was 17 in 1960. Ah memories.


  2. Auto-softie? Yup, that would probably be true, I love those old cars and trucks. And evidently, so do you L.


  3. Very cool, Suz. Don't know if I ever told you, but my first vehicle purchase was a '55 "big-window" just like this. A similar green as well.
    Great story you wrote with this pic. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dan,

    Really? Wish you still had that one, what a great truck that must have been.