Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fixer Upper

Imagine the possbilities!

Cute and cozy fixer-upper, bring your tools, bring your bulldozer (did I say that?).

This darling house on a nice lot with great views has some wood and some metal siding.

Plenty of room for your garden too.

Actually, I love looking at this little place on our walks in the high desert.  The textures are fabulous and it has this attitude of enduring.

Who lived there?  What happened with their lives?  What's the story behind it?  Seems lately I can't see anything without wanting to know the story or I start to make up a story of my own.

Meanwhile, back in my cozy mountain cabin the rain has started too.  Except here the trees draw in a large breathe and exhale GREEN.  It smells green and the colors have brightened and sharpened.  Even the moss is unfurling on the tree trunks, it's glorious.

My man will be here today and we will be off to his large family Thanksgiving celebration and then back here for my small family celebration.  I'm so happy to have him and his family and my family.


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