Friday, November 30, 2012

One year, one week...

Soft light
warm leather
incredible art
funky furniture
mountain laurels
dogs at my feet
hallelujah kitchen
wooden floors
treasure box

I never thought I'd own a house I love so much.  I come home and slip into my skin here, like a selkie to her ocean. The trees embrace me, the mountain so dense and thick has my back, the people here get me like no other, the swirl of ideas and projects and things undiscovered light up my eyes.

When I go to him I drink in the sky, worship the far mountains, take the sunsets into my soul, and of course, renew my heart in his arms and it's good.  He sustains me there, so far from my wellspring, chains me gladly for a time, until the yearning comes again and I fly back over the mountain, racing for home.

I've got the best of both worlds, two places to renew, him and home, being away from either makes the return sweet and satisfying and joyful.

The countdown to my first Grandchild is on, only days now until Miss Cilantro makes her debut into our arms.  She's already in our hearts, like her Mama and Daddy.


1 comment:

  1. Suzanne,
    My heart sings melodies of great joy for you, as I too feel the ecstacy of finding something that I thought to be intangible!
    May your hearth be ever warm and the roads you travel always clear of harm.
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS my Dear friend.