Saturday, July 02, 2016


How does that happen that we zoom from January to July in just days, hours, minutes?

It's being happy, spending quality time with friends and the perfect lover, those that sync into my life in perfect rhythm, sharing so many interests and loves, absorbed in hours of bliss.

I count my blessings every day, waking up to knowing how grounded I am, in my life, in my art, in my friends, in my family, in my love, feeling the rightness of being that so few can ever attain.

We traveled to Texas recently, played with mad abandon in music, food, water, loving family and friendships that will be better as time grows, solid feel good time, surrounded by love, talent, passion, striving to be better, calm hours of talking, never lacking.

The final test is traveling with a person, can there be joy in the best of activities? And oh yes, there was, generosity of spirit, interest in the greater world, opening to new worlds and new people, ever expanding our horizons, reveling in being together in each minute's light.

I am courage, I am steadfast strength of character and will. I walked into the fire alone and came through clean and new and ready to face my life on my terms. I am the noble eagle. I am the wise raven. I am the sun and the light and those who truly live will be drawn to that unerringly. I am above all, love.

I am.


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