Tuesday, July 05, 2016


Oh boy, I love what I do and every day it just gets better and better.

I'm trying to push my enameling skills hoping one day to be able to call myself an enamelist, instead of a rank beginner.

The beginner title suits me. Enameling is a lifetime achievement type of endeavor and since I only have 30 more years or so I'd best get moving. If you know me you'd hear me giggle right now.

My bestie and I are heading to a class with a Master Enamelist this fall. We're both so excited we can hardly stand it.

I think this is my third cloisonne piece ever but I'm definitely loving it and my skills are improving rapidly.

Here's the beginning. I built the fine silver frame, fused it and then started bending the small, thin, fine silver cloisonne wire to make the design.

It's working, layering more and more enamel, one coat at a time, adding the 24 karat gold foil into the middle, adding more and more color.

And now for some shading, the dark pink and some opalescent white. This one just knocks me over, all of a sudden it's really gorgeous!  Next up will be a couple coats of clear, then stone it down so the surface is smooth, then back in the kiln to make it shiny again.

Couple more weeks to the State Fair awards ceremony. I wonder if I'll get a ribbon? How thrilling!

Life is good, in every way. A dear friend recently posted a wonderful thought about realizing that she's got everything she ever dreamed of. She happens to be a person who finds amazing grace in her every day life as well as the bigger things. It's certainly a good way to live. When I get weighed down with the negatives in life I have only to think of those I love and the joy they bring into my life and my heart lifts. Then the corners of my mouth follow suit and soon I'm happily back on track. I know I only have this minute to feel joy.

I wish you joy, this minute, the next is up to you.


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