Monday, October 13, 2014

Warmly successful...

The two big weekends of the Open Studio Tour are done and in my rear view mirror.

Quite often people ask me how I could possibly open my home to strangers and feel comfortable.

Sometimes before the tour I have a few misgivings but once it's begun and all those lovely people start to come smiling through my front door it's all good.

They say that strangers are just friends that you haven't met yet.  I would say from experience that it's so true.

These two weekends were filled with warm hearts, friendly smiles, child like delight and new friends in the making.  And a charming grateful feeling came from all, that I invited them into my home.

So the feelings of exhaustion and stress are more than balanced with all those wonderful feelings and I'm left tired but so happy and recharged to continue to create.

Thank you for coming to see me. Thank you for allowing me to share my personal space. Thank you for slipping so carefully and sweetly into my life for a brief moment. Thank you for lighting up my heart with so much love and kindness. Please stay in touch.

Don't be a stranger, ya hear now?


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