Sunday, October 19, 2014

Busy Bee...

Oh yeah, remind me not to schedule a trip right after the Open Studio Tour.

Didn't make it, got sick, felt horrible, rescheduled the much anticipated Texas trip.

I cried and then realized that I needed some time to rest. So I rested, or I performed my version of resting which mostly means doing all the stuff that I couldn't do in the last few weeks.

The little background buzz of stress is gone.

The rains have started (hopefully they will continue strong) and the deck cushions are stored and the furniture is well covered.  Both vehicles, the FJ beast and the sweet Mini are both washed and waxed and scrubbed and they nestle nicely in the garage underneath the boats stored high in the rafters.

I started cooking soups and stews and made my first apple pie.

I got to a Ray LaMontagne concert and was totally mesmerized by his sexy sweet voice and his unusual and appealing musical arrangements.

Life is incredibly good and I'll be chasing my Georgia Belle next week.


1 comment:

  1. Sweet!
    Glad you are feelin' better!
    We'll have to catch up after you return. A myriad of news here.