Monday, March 17, 2014


Yeeesss, I think I'm gonna make it.

First of all I have to apologize to Minnesota for all of my unkind words about winter there. Well, maybe not, winter does suck in Minnesota but I had accused those gloomy cold winters of causing my mid-winter blues. Now I realize I just get the mid-winter blues, even here in mostly sunny California.

Perhaps it's a little less severe but it all seems the same when I'm in the middle of them. I see a pattern here. Every year I crash in January and even though I keep myself busy enough and most people wouldn't even notice a difference, I know.

I call them the "What's the Point?" blues.

I know they'll go away and that sometimes in March or April I'll perk up and my joie de vivre will come back. Until that time I seldom work in my studio, I avoid most interaction. I force myself to go through the motions each day. I get by, that's all. I try to treat myself gently, cups of tea and a warm blanket, watching three seasons of the Game of Thrones was fun too. I actually enjoyed all that sex and gore and violence, overlaid with greed and power madness.

Now the trees are seriously budding and the daffodils are putting on their show of mad abandon. I'm beginning to crawl out of my hole.  I can forget about my troubles in the wonder of watching the peonies racing up to the sky.  The roses are leafing out and my azaleas are starting to blossom.  The dogwood blossoms are still small but the trees are covered with them.  It's going to be a beautiful show soon.

Thankfully, there are things blooming in my studio too which is a sure sign that all is well.


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