Sunday, March 02, 2014

Home again...

Whew, been there and back again...

There is West Texas, where my K and GBella live now.  Yikes, not a terrible beautiful place.

At all.

This picture is the view, flying into Midland, of the wells.

But every place has it's interesting features, mostly this one.

She's walking now and climbing and sliding down slides, what fun!  I adore her and I think she likes me fine too.

Home now and just about finished with catch up so I can bury myself in some enameling.  Hopefully I'll have something new to show soon.

I got lucky and managed to purchase this amazing painting by Sheila Cameron who is one of my all time favorite artists.  She's incredibly talented in multiple way and funny as all get out too.  I have multiple pieces of her art, most of them are in my studio.

Why is her art is my studio?  That's an interesting question.  I'll think on that and get back soon.



  1. Welcome back. I've been wondering where you'd got off to. Too bad you couldn't stay for SXSW, or maybe that was the point of coming back early.
    I have to agree on West Texas. Very flat, very monochromatic in an uninteresting way.

  2. Hiya! It's good to be back.

    SXSW makes Austin crazy so I try to avoid it, though I'd love to be there and at ACL one of these days. The plane tickets get nutso around those events.