Monday, October 28, 2013



The boys and I headed to Austin for a long while this time.  I'll be working on enameling and playing with my family.

It was strange to leave this.

And three days later see this.

But we did see some interesting things along the way.

The boys enjoyed visiting rest stops in four states, checking interstate pee mail is their job.

And, my treat was to see Little Radar open for Surfer Blood in the outdoor stage at Red 7.



  1. Happy traveling. Dogs (or at least ours) are fun to travel with. Things catch their attention that we would just glance at and pass on by. Every time ours gets out of the yard, he thinks it's time to get in the truck!
    Does a long time in Austin mean you might still be there at Christmas? That's our next trip and would love to actually meet up some day and talk glass, silver work and corgis.


  2. Susan,
    I'll be here until early December but then I will be back from mid-Dec til after the New Year so let's see what we can cook up!


  3. Yes! We will be in contact as soon as plans firm up. I know we're there for Christmas, but don't know how many days around the edges.