Tuesday, October 01, 2013

New girl on the block...

A dream come true.

It was probably 1984 or 85, I was taking rowing lessons in Sausalito, loving every minute of it.  Everything in my life was beautiful and alive and that time has never left my heart or mind.

Then came a baby boy and a move to the Midwest and eventually a baby girl and life was amazing, filled with happiness and joy.

The kayak day set something in motion inside me, a wish to take charge of my dreams.

So, here she is, she's an Echo rowing shell from Echo Open Water Rowing in Marblehead, MA.

Tomorrow I'm going to the lake and I'm going to go out and no doubt make a huge fool of myself, but that's ok, I've earned it.



  1. What a wonderful thing to do for yourself. no doubt you'll be a much happier parent and friend, also.
    I sailed in high school and college and haven't been since. Life just takes precedence.

  2. Thank you! This makes me happy and challenges me too, which is important as we get older.

    Sailing sounds wonderful, this morning on my first row I could not believe how peaceful I felt out on the lake.