Monday, March 25, 2013

The obsession continues -

I'm leaving for Texas tomorrow.  A good thing, my fingers are cracked and bleeding from glass cuts and enamel (which is glass dust) and endless rounds of applying the enamel to the metal, sliding it into the kiln in two minute increments and doing that over and over and over.  I spent 14 hours one day.  I could not stop.

It's heaven.

This is the first batch, now at Art Works Gallery, waiting.

In the enameling world these are crude examples even if the metal work is good.  This is one of those skills that you can pick up in a day and spend the rest of your life getting good at.

I think it's the color.  Sometimes you don't know exactly what the color will be until it's come out of the kiln.  And then it's like some weird old instant film, you take the shot and sit around waiting for the magic to happen. These come out of the kiln molten hot and you have to watch it cool and wait for the real color to emerge.

I love it.

But, now I'm packing and looking forward to heading to the beautiful Austin and my divine Granddaughter and her entourage.


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