Friday, March 15, 2013


Having coffee right here, right now, enjoying every second of this fabulous place.

Dreams do come true.

Last night we were drinking beer at the Old Republic Brewery in Nevada City while enjoying pies from An Honest Pie, the incredible pie truck filled with sweet and savory pies.  I was trying to figure out how I'd get the pie truck to park outside my place so I could have a party on the deck.  I guess I'll have to stick with grilling or homemade pizza.

The Brewery is beginning to become a Cheers sort of place, you see the same people and they're quite happy to give you a hug and share their pizza and some nice conversation.

This is exactly the kind of atmosphere I crave, fun and informal, if your friends can't make it there are still plenty to people to hang with.

Everything is good, the house feels good and the outside landscaping just might get done this summer.  Should I or shouldn't I repaint my bedroom?  I want a lighter color in there that goes well with both the warm winter golds and the cool summer blues, such a dilemma.

My friends tease me by calling me Martha Stewart.  I cannot believe there are people in the world who don't know what Marimekko fabric is, which is probably a leftover from my years of quilting and enjoying textiles in general.

My studio is once again the oasis of calm and beautiful functionality that I require.  It's better than it was since I dumped all the old furniture and put in a big industrial bench.  Now when I hammer and punch metal the bench doesn't move, very nice.

It's all good and only 11 more days until I head to Austin again, baby time.


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