Monday, September 24, 2012

Packing again

And here's the dilemma,

Vintage Tony Lama

Or new Dingo

Of course, there is also the black Vintage TL to consider.

I'd like to do some stomping around in the muck with the Dingos so they have a bit of street cred, or would you call that corral cred?  But they are sooooo comfortable it's hard to leave them.

We shall see.

I'm thrilled to be heading back to Texas to see my kids and to continue my determined efforts to suck up as much tequila, beer and fire roasted animal parts as possible.

However, that means leaving part of my heart behind (this time).  I can't wait to take him with me, he's a worthy partner in the tequila and animal parts contest.

Here we are on the Northern Coast, always happy, always laughing, always in the midst of mischief.


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