Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bumper Stickers

I have never, ever had a bumper sticker on one of my vehicles.

Well, up to now.
Now I have two.  Click the photo to make it bigger.

I know it's sort of silly but I find all the political posturing to be so ridiculous and annoying this makes me smile. I'm not a political person.  However, I do have a brain and a heart. It scares me to think of someone like Rick Santorum becoming President.  I cannot tolerate sanctimonious haters.

I'm pretty much out of choices at this point.

Bring me someone who recognizes the value of the people who make this world move.

Bring me a miracle.


  1. Where is King Leonidas when you need him!! Looks like you are in what my daughter calls "the self amusement mode".


  2. L - Yep, that's right, ha! Better to laugh at the whole thing.