Tuesday, January 31, 2012

San Jose Nationals

I got to spend a great weekend absorbed in some very fine skating.  This was the first time I went to one of these events by myself, which was sort of weird but not entirely bad.  Each of the four disciplines produced new National Champions that we can be proud of.

And I got to see my young friend Tim LeDuc skate pairs with his partner Cassie Andrews.  Tim used to help me at his club competitions in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Even then as a young kid he was a warm and delightful person, now he's matured into a stunning young man.  This was their first year at the Senior level.  It's going to be lots of fun to see them in a couple of years.

I also spent a great night in a Hilton in Santa Clara, all by myself in a big king sized bed, room service and a bottle of champagne.  It was heavenly.  I spend most of my time being responsible, even though I love every minute of it but every now and then I need a night like that.  I call it a healthy dose of ass kissing.

Now I'm back to my oh so responsible but excellent life.  Back to my dogs, business, house, friends, shooting, creating and a very satisfying relationship in the making.


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  1. Hey Suz,
    Sounds like a great time you had. Awesome lifts and other pics. Sounds like we may have both found someone to hang on to, at least for a while. Hugs!