Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weird product of the day...

Personally, I love Williams-Sonoma.  They have fabulous products, great service and even some great recipes.  I've spent a lot of money there on coffee makers, fabulous knives, beautiful linens and whatnot.  However, every now and then they come up with a product that makes me scratch my head and wonder who would be stupid enough to actually buy it.

Here's the link to the Clay Chicken Roasting Kit
It's only $14.95 unless you feel you need to put out another 20 bucks for the special olive wood mallet to break through the clay once it's cooked.

WTF?  This is a one time product to roast a stupid chicken.  What a waste of money and let's all dump some more trash into the landfill.  Now, if you could crumble it all up, add some water and reconstitute the clay to use again I'd say, "Yippee Skippy, go for it!".

Remember the clay roasters?  I'd bet there are a few hundred thousand of those sitting around on the "soon to be in a garage sale" shelf.  Along with the ice cream makers and those nifty little napkin holder ring things that no one ever uses.

Stuff we buy seems to fit into three categories:

First and best is the thing we use everyday and wouldn't be able to get along without.  For me it's my Wusthof Ikon Blackwood knives, well balanced, beautiful, supremely useful items.

Second is the stuff we buy and use infrequently but wouldn't part with because those few times make all the difference, things like roasting pans, my Ruffoni hammered stock pot, and the champagne cork.

And then there's the "what the hell was I thinking" product like the Clay Chicken Roasting Kit, the Monkeybread pan, the electric hot dog cooker and the make your own ice cream sandwich press.

I have to confess I own one of those products.  Tell me your dirty secrets, what have you got hidden way back in the cupboard, come on now, fess up!


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