Monday, October 24, 2011


Spending time with my daughter.

We had another picture taken on Sunday, this one is better of me but she likes the first one of her best, oh well, equal time.
Back to Nevada City today.  I love the quick flights between LA and Sacramento, barely an hour from up to down, my legs don't have time to feel cramped.

Heavenly is being back in the clear mountain air.



  1. Two cuties to be sure, I took another look at the pictures of your house.
    I love it, the paint looks fresh, the wood good and the roof looks to be in good shape. I am sure that you are a meticulous housekeeper but I have one suggestion. This is only a thought and you can do as you wish but I would remove the dead guy from under your back porch…… I said, just a thought.


  2. L
    I wondered if anyone would catch the shot with the house inspector crawling around. Call it early Halloween decorating. Or maybe just a warning for the other burglars. Usually I hang a target up in the entry.