Friday, August 19, 2011

Here and There...

It's been an interesting week.  Fun and productive with an undertone of sadness. I stepped out of my comfort zone and got burned again, which I knew was a possibility but did it anyway.  (Edited to remove unnecessary references to carnivorous animals.)

I do not readily accept that there are bad people out there, people who lie and manipulate and use others.  I actually find it fascinating that they find it necessary to go to those extremes when it's entirely possible that I'd be ok with the truth.  Or maybe not.  I was telling the truth when I said that my happiness is solid.  I'm not really even mad, just sort of amused with the whole deal.  I do know, however, that treating people badly will eventually come back to haunt you.  So be it.

So in all this I've made some positive changes, reevaluated relationships, taken a hard look at what might work and what won't, reminded myself of the good things in life, immersed myself in creativity and activity and generally taken a few days to myself.  It's all good.  How can it not be to live exactly where I belong, to have the best job in the world, to know and love the endless joy and laughter from my two furry friends, to have friends and family close, to feel the wellness of my mind and body, to rise each day to greet the sun and walk each night under the stars before bed, to participate in music, film, art, food and wine everyday, to love simply and completely?

There are so many things to love, fluffy white towels, grass sparkling with dew, salted caramel gelato, fresh peaches, kind neighbors, little girls singing, cold water on hot days, full blown roses scenting the air and on and on.  Here's my boy Dandy, he loves gelato too, can't you tell?
Here's my Dad and my friend D., discussing the finer points of tractor tires at the County Fair.
And the rocks down at the creek.
Tomorrow is my Dad's 85th birthday. Most people don't like birthdays but I say what's bad about a day that involves cake?


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