Friday, October 20, 2017

Leaves for Fall

Last night I climbed under my big fluffy warm duvet I heard the rain start to patter down softly. What a wonderful sound that is, after the hot, dry, smokey, dusty summer. I couldn't help but smile and slept so well with the cool damp air floating through my open window. I wished that our whole state would be soaked in the healing rain. Hopefully that will happen soon.

Life is a riot of work and fun even while my own dear ones are apprehensive about our political situation and seek to find ways to be gentle with ourselves and those we love and the ones we struggle to love and understand.

I'm wrapped in love and immersed in creating things. We just finished the two weekends of the Open Studios Tour and it's full speed ahead to the Crocker Holiday Artisan Market on Thanksgiving weekend. I was thrilled to be invited to this superb venue to showcase my jewelry. We're planning and building my booth and hoping to be ready by then.

I love organic shapes, leaves and flowers from my imaginary garden. I've got a new series building.

These are blue chalcedony set in sterling silver with my leaves, each cut from silver sheet, shaped and polished and refined.

Here's the newest pair, golden rutilated smokey quartz with oak leaves. 

Gingko enameled in a gorgeous fresh green, on fine silver.

One of my imaginary flowers enameled and strung with amethyst beads.

And this pretty pair of silver petals spilling with rhodolite garnet and pink sapphire beads, which have sold already but I'm working on more.

So, now, back to cleaning house for weekend guests.


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