Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mad for Leaves...

I've been on a leaf run for a couple of weeks.

These morphed from plain to FABULOUS, even if I do say so myself.

Fine silver, cut into rectangles, folded over, cut into vague leaf shapes, hammered with a riveting hammer, heated to anneal, opened up.
 Starting the shapes.
 Kind of ugly and scary at this point.
 Smoothing the edges, bend a little bit here and there, yowsa, much better. From here lots of sanding and polishing.
 This set got stems, but the next batch won't as I prefer the extra movement a simple drilled hole provides.
Some enamel alchemy, mixed some dark red on top of the gold and got a really successful color.
Hmmm, what would look good with this? Need shiny, some irregular citrine, some Mandarin garnet and we'e good to go.
 Finished, sold the first day out, sent to the Midwest to a very beautiful, vibrant lady.
Here's the next batch, in the polishing stage. Open Studios is fast approaching and I want to have some new work ready.



  1. Oh Suzanne, those are just lovely! That red/gold enamel is just so striking. And they're already at their new home! Yay!

    1. Thanks Susan! I'm so tickled about these leaves. I'm making more so there will be fresh ones soon for the Open Studios Tour in October.