Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Zippedy Do Dah..

Things have been so much fun lately, well, maybe except for coming back from Texas sick (again), what's with that anyway?

It's baby germs, jeez, they should parachute the little darlings into enemy lines and before you know it the whole country would be coughing and puking and unable to even get out of bed.  So, maybe that's not a great idea but the little cherubs have germ warfare down to a science.

I don't mind that much, it's probably good for my immune system and the cuddles and kisses are not to be missed.

I came home to the last glorious gasp of color from my flowering dogwoods. They're popular around here, many cars have stopped, many people with cameras have spent some time capturing that gorgeous color.

My adventurous friend and I attended another of our favorite events, a Polly's Paladar dinner. I was a little anxious considering the state of my stomach but found the rich flavors warmed me from the inside out, gently and without pain. I could eat like this all the time.

I haven't taken a jewelry techniques class in at least five years, maybe six. I teach here and there but have been missing that chance to immerse myself in new things and to push myself into techniques that I have tried but not mastered.

I'm halfway through a class at The Curious Forge, taught by Karen Olsen Ramsey, who is truly a master at what she does. Her teaching is a reflection of her spirit, delightful, kind, positive, calm and encouraging in such a way that all of us are gaining in confidence no matter our skill level.

I'm waking in the middle of the night dreaming of the things I can do with these extra skills in my toolbox, it's heavenly.

My sense of history and reflection comes on strong in this season. I think of my family, friends and lovers and find easy joy in thinking of how they've carved lines in my life and silvered my hair. They say that at 20 you have the face you were born with but at 50 you have the face you deserve. I cherish my laugh lines and those silvery strands as outward symbols of a joyful and loving life.

I am blessed.


  1. Zippedy Aay!
    Sorry you got sick again, but glad you returned safely.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Family.

  2. How wonderful to spend time with those you love, even if they do send you home with germs.
    How exciting about taking a class. I've been able to do a couple myself in the last couple of years, after a long hiatus, and it always recharges my creative battery. In case we don't meet up in Austin, have a very Merry Christmas and an equally wondrous New Year.

    1. Susan,
      Are you gonna be in Austin? I'm pretty sure I'm driving to West Texas so getting to Austin might be possible.

    2. Hi! Yes, we'll be there in Austin proper from Sunday through at least Tuesday before Christmas. Spending Christmas Eve and Day at the state park southeast of Austin, then driving home on Friday.