Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Online Dating

I've got a real love/hate relationship with online dating.

Unfortunately the men just aren't lining up at my door begging for attention. I'm not exactly a joiner when it comes to clubs and activities where I could potentially meet a mate. Besides, the ones I like probably don't join clubs either. They're out doing things, making things, building things, growing things, just doing. I'm doing things too and often while I skip along on my merry way I wish so much for a person to share this beauty with.

So, there I go, off to the latest online dating site. I've got definite opinions on a few of them but the latest has been the best yet. Putting yourself out there on the net is tougher than you'd think.  You end up doing a lot of soul searching, who am I, what do I want, what exactly do I want?

Being truthful is the most important thing, you can't lie to the universe and hope it brings you the person who will fill your reservoir with cool clear water.

However, there is always a catch, always the too good to be true, always the little thing they hadn't had time to tell you. You find that your big open heart has led you into the lion's den again, there to be ripped into tiny little pieces and spat out on the ground.

What's the answer? The drive to find a loving partner is strong. The wish to not be torn to shreds over and over is strong too. Do I get any wiser along the way? I know that I am unable to guard my heart, that vulnerability is me.

There is something to learn here. I'll keep learning and growing and eventually I'll be ready for whoever the universe sends me.


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