Monday, December 02, 2013

A glass of wine and thou...

Sheer bliss, wine, the boys sacked out on the couch looking blissful themselves, vegetables roasting in the oven, Patty Griffin singing Heavenly Day, ah.

These dogs are amazing traveling companions.  Of course, they know when we stop they get to read and leave a ton of peemail and then it's FRISBEE time, the perfect activity to tire them out for the next leg of our journey.

I headed out from Austin on Saturday morning, stopped for the night in Las Cruces and planned another night in Ehrenberg AZ but changed my mind and decided to push through as far as I could get.  Holy cow, that was close to a bad decision, as thousands of Californians headed home from Phoenix.  The mad traffic started there and continued all the way to Banning, the last 30 miles stop and go.

Jeez...really?  I've been driving long distances for years and my Dad taught me to watch the trucks and do what they do, make it easy on yourself.  Watching all those idjits race up to fill in a space almost made it easy for me to shoot myself.  Or, as we were driving on the Sonny Bono Memorial Highway, splat ourselves up against the nearest light pole.

I made it though, pulling in to my driveway about 8 am this morning, 24 hours after I left Las Cruces.  I hit the wall twice and slept a couple of hours in a rest stop.  I can't believe how many people actually pull in to rest stops to sleep at night, it's kind of cool.  Of course, my two most excellent companions made me comfortable zonking out, knowing they would raise the alarm if anyone came close.

So the day has been filled with bustle, interspersed with short power naps.  Unpacking, cleaning up, sorting mail, a trip to the gallery, then the market for some veges, call friends, text friends, email friends, let my family know I'm home.

The biggest change is my housemate has moved out, which leaves the house feeling a little empty.  It also gets my planning brain moving along, deciding what will go where and the best way to make the upstairs a serene retreat for guests.

I'm sure you know by now that organizing makes me happy.  Hell, I just realized my 2013 photo folder is about done and thought about how fun it will be to create the 2014 folder and fill it with photographs anew.

Tomorrow I'll be in the studio, my space at the gallery is looking bare and this weekend I'll be participating in the ASIF jewelers trunk show and sale.

I'm tired but the mountain air has cleared up some of my cold symptoms, dry is good for me, except for my hands.

But I had this revelation today, partly because I'm missing my girls but it's a change in general for me.  I'm lonesome.  I'm tired of being alone all the time.  I want someone who gives a shit that I'm home and maybe even comes with a hug and a kiss.  It's time.

Hear that universe?

Peaceful dreams.

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