Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Drudgery and Delight

Almost the middle of June, isn't it?

Where does it go?

It goes into each new day, filling the hummingbird feeder, cleaning and filling the fountain, raking the leftover leaves and pine needles, keeping the baby pool filled with water, emptying trash, clean the pollen off the floors and tables, laundry and buying groceries, studio time and gallery time and a million endless details of life.

The seeming drudgery brings delight.

The hummingbirds flitting to the feeder and then joining the finches and robins and grosbeaks splashing in the fountain are a delight.

The yard which invites you to sit at the table, put your feet up and have a cup of coffee while the dogs play in the baby pool is a delight.

The gleaming wood floors that feel so cool on my feet in the early morning, sun streaming through the kitchen windows and a cup of strong espresso delight me.

Planning new things in my studio or selling that perfect piece of art in the gallery remind me daily how lucky I am do be able to do what I do.

Clean white sheets and flannel blankets for the cool mountain nights cradle my dreams of tomorrow.

Fine friends that are finding their way to a peaceful happy life, leaving sadness and betrayal behind.

Dogs laughing up at me, charging the birds and lusting after squirrels who perch high on a pine limb, taunting.

And loving my family and friends, feeling the rightness of what I do and who I am, which is the ultimate delight.

I'm planning more trips to Texas, for family and silly experiences, though not much is sillier than the Wiener Dog Races.

I love this pic of my daughter and me, taken with an old camera with even older film.  A modern picture with the feel of the 60's.

Peace to you.


  1. How fun to re-find your website and blog by way of your comment on mine. Thanks for the compliment on the garden gate my husband made (and I designed! I keep telling everyone that!) The compliment means even more coming from an artist who creates such lovely things.

    1. Thanks, glad you found me again!

      I LOVE that gate and would steal it if I could. Good thing I don't live too close.

      aka Dandy and Bode's Mom