Thursday, April 12, 2012


I met a really interesting man who teaches blacksmithing.  He's also been doing some experimentation with foldforming metal.  He gave me a pretty copper piece and I turned it into a piece of jewelry for his wife.  It's got a bit of the sacred feminine influence which some may appreciate and some may not.  I framed his copper piece in fine silver with bronze rivets and then added the cultured freshwater pearls.  I love the luminous quality the fine silver exhibits which is matched by the pearls.

Now you can find me in my studio happily banging away on various pieces of copper, foldforming is really fun. Except now I want a bigger anvil and some bigger hammers, of course.  I'll never have enough tools.

So we've talked about some collaborative learning which I find completely fabulous.  I might also have a place to set up my serious torch and be able to use that safely.

I've been working on a very simple technique to make some leaf earrings and there are a few pendants in process on my bench.  The copper picks up some beautiful patina under flame.

This passion keeps me going through some very wet weather as well as the SAD light I keep in my studio.  I'm also sustained and kept laughing by a very sweet man.

Peaceful dreams to you.

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  1. Yay for you. Good to hear things are good.
    Nice looking pieces here.