Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I want that job...

Pottery Barn Ultimate Bar

Well, the product isn't really weird but I've got to say I'd love to be on the Pottery Barn design team.  These poor bastards spent months watching professional bartenders at work before they could design this product.  What's next for this team? Hot tubs? Mud wrestling patio furniture?  And where do we sign up to help with their research?

Ah, research indeed...



  1. I have been at my computer for days, leaving only for potty breaks and a little food for strength. All this in an effort to not miss new home updates. Am I rewarded,sadly no!


  2. L.
    Sorry, I'm hip deep in the escrow swamp, generating bank account info and various other garbage, nothing worth writing about. However, it's moving along and as of today just three weeks to go until closing. Luckily, lots of work and fun company is distracting me. Don't worry, by the end of December you'll probably be sick of house pics and project updates.